Fishing boat and Sailboat heading home
Sailing in the Mumbai Habour

  One of the advantages of Mumbai, as I’ve discovered is, that there is a lot to do in this city and it isn’t limited to alcohol, food, movies or partying. On a warm Autumn Friday afternoon, I discovered one … Read More

Giant MTB Fuji granfondo cycles
I’m starting to like Mumbai

Mumbai is growing on me. The transition from “I don’t like Mumbai too much” to “hey, this seems like a nice city” took about 2 days. I still am not used to the humidity, but other than that – it’s … Read More

Feeling Thankful

I’m heading to Mumbai tomorrow and I’ll be there in city for around 10 days. Even before I’ve reached, 3 people have offered their cycles and 1 of them has been kind enough to¬†welcome me to his home for the … Read More

Believing in a cause

I recently got an email on one of the lists I’m subscribed to with the following content “A Non-Profit organization based in India, with a branch in London, is in short term need of a Digital Marketer who can increase … Read More

My Steed - Taking a break after entering Delhi
The first 300 kms

Prologue The first time I heard about a brevet was sometime in 2010. The last big expedition I had done before this was the Manali Leh ride in August/ September 2009. When I first heard about the brevet, I thought … Read More