Indoors suffocate the life out of me. Its the great outdoors where my soul truly belongs. Breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, smelling natures fragrances, eating delicious food and exploring the wilderness.

I’m now running my second company by the name of “GoMissing Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.“. GoMissing is all about exploring and helping people “find themselves”.

As humanity makes “progress”, I feel that somewhere a critical element of our nature seems to be getting left behind. Our connect with the environment seems like a thing of the past. What is getting created at a rapid click is the artificial environment which surrounds us. Artificial lights in the daytime, closed buildings with recycled air, bottled water and the like.

Choosing the artificial environment vs the natural one? My choice is quite clear.

Life is about cycling across the great Himalayan mountains to skiing on snow covered slopes to exploring the most difficult terrains on foot, and…┬áthe desire to do more of this.