Sailing in the Mumbai Habour

  One of the advantages of Mumbai, as I’ve discovered is, that there is a lot to do in this city and it isn’t limited to alcohol, food, movies or partying. On a warm Autumn Friday afternoon, I discovered one … Read More

Feeling Thankful

I’m heading to Mumbai tomorrow and I’ll be there in city for around 10 days. Even before I’ve reached, 3 people have offered their cycles and 1 of them has been kind enough to¬†welcome me to his home for the … Read More

Believing in a cause

I recently got an email on one of the lists I’m subscribed to with the following content “A Non-Profit organization based in India, with a branch in London, is in short term need of a Digital Marketer who can increase … Read More

The first 300 kms

Prologue The first time I heard about a brevet was sometime in 2010. The last big expedition I had done before this was the Manali Leh ride in August/ September 2009. When I first heard about the brevet, I thought … Read More