21 days, 21 amazing memories: No. 1: The Ladakh Cycling Trip

Somewhere deep in the mountains

India has entered into a 21 day lock down period because of the Corona virus. During this time, there will be no social contact. Most likely, there won’t be too many chances for creating new memories during this time. So I will try and post 21 amazing memories – one each day for these 21 days. It will be fun to go through these and a good “project” to do in this time.

The first one is the Ladakh cycling trip with Remy in June 2016.

Cycling with Remy

I cycled all over Ladakh with Remy and we celebrated his 60th birthday at Khardung-la. We reached the pass after cycling up from Nubra valley, celebrated his birthday and then cycled down to Leh.

We spent 12 days cycling in Ladakh and these 12 days changed a lot of things for me. To begin with, Remy is an inspiration. His cycling prowess was amazing. He cycled up and down those mountains as if he was born there and his lungs and legs are custom made for this. It took all my strength and cycling skills to try and keep up with him – I couldn’t. He raced up the mountains and flew on the downhills. I can only hope and wish that I’m as good when I reach his age.

The magic of Ladakh and her people

Ladakh is delightful. This ride, showed me a side which I didn’t imagine. Delightful mountains, no sign of people, peace and calmness in the air and a sheer display of how mighty nature is. Ladakh overwhelmed me, to say the least.

The people here are special. Everywhere we went, we were welcomed with open arms. They invited us into their homes, shared their meals and stories. At no point did we feel like strangers here. Such is the warmth of the people of this cold desert.

What this trip gave me

On this trip, I spent a lot of time with myself. I’m pretty good company. Even if I say so myself! I got a lot of time to soak in the surroundings, talk to people and look at the mountains, lakes and rivers. I got to improvise how to get out of a sticky situation when we got stuck at a landslide site. The trip got me to think on my feet to tackle unforeseen situations. Overall, it gave me a lot; friends, thoughts, time, happiness, magic and much more. And the most important thing it gave me is a friend for life – Remy.


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