21 days 21 memories: #7 I’m hungry

I’m hungry pretty much all the time! At this age, I’ve improved a little. From being hungry all the time, I’m now hungry “most of the times”.

This memory is from my student days, while I was doing my MBA. Thankfully our program had much older students and a number of them had their spouses on campus.

As with all MBA programs, we had long nights of group study sessions and our schedules used to be weird. At these times, we used to miss our meals quite often and then feel hungry at the weirdest of hours. At several of these times, we ended up at friend’s homes on campus.

One such time was when we walked over to Shreeja and Keshav’s home at an odd hour. Shreeja being Shreeja, first gave us the mock anger treatment. And then, in a few minutes, she finally settled down and pretended to feel sorry for our miserable lives! In her head she was LOL all this time. Her first question to me was – “and you, you’re hungry right”? My meek response with my puppiest puppy face was… yes! In the next few minutes, from out of nowhere she conjured up a delicious milk shake. The first sip of that shake felt like I had eaten after aeons. 2-3 hours is aeons! And compared to all the junk I was eating, this was divine. For the next several minutes while I stuffed my face with that shake, everyone looked on in disbelief! How, just how does he get it and we don’t.

As I write this, I’m thinking… yummm! What wouldn’t I do for a repeat of this moment. Thank you Shreeja and Keshav. You guys made campus life so much nicer.

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