21 days 21 memories: #8 Not just Parathas

These lock down days are making me try my hand at cooking. I have cooked before too, and I kind of like it, but this time it seems to be a lot more fun. The other day I was making parathas – which are slowly taking shape! From all kind of country maps, they have started becoming round. They’ve also started puffing up on the tawa. From the hot tawa, on to the plate and a dollop of butter on it is one yummy sight.

Childhood winter nights

This episode took me back to childhood winter nights. Those foggy, cold and dew drenched nights felt chilling to the bone. In those nights, all we had to do was to huddle up in the kitchen. The warmth from the fire, mom’s food and dad’s care simply melted the cold away. It was quite like the dollop of butter which dad would put on the piping hot parathas. The frozen cold butter would start melting as soon as it touched the parathas. I would watch mom make parathas, dad pulling them off piping hot from the tawa and on to the plate. I was a hungry little puppy sniffing at each one of them, waiting for my turn to savor the them. And savor a LOT of them, I did. Those cold winter nights with all of mom and dad’s love was just so pure.

Those times taught me so much. I’m lucky to have that to this day. And I still manage to get away with – “I want something yummy for dinner”. Their standard reply is – “what is yummy?” to which my reply is – “I don’t know, you always know what I want. I’m just hungry!

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