A happy lock down story

The lock down hasn’t been all bad. There have certainly been some positives during this time. Life, as expected, has slowed down and it seems that there is time to smell the flowers.

One of the nicest things which I saw in these days was a pair of Bulbuls making a nest in my mom’s terrace garden. For several days they wholeheartedly spent their time in bringing little twigs to build the nest. One of them would work on the nest while the other would keep watch.

I walked into the terrace garden one morning and the Bulbuls welcomed me with their proud song. Two pale pink eggs with little red spots had appeared in the nest. They divided nesting duties equally and one of the two birds would be in the nest almost all the time. The other would bring food for the partner.

The baby is born

In about 2 weeks, one of the eggs hatched and a tiny Bulbul appeared. The little one seemed to be pretty much made up of a big beak and two big eyes!

The second egg just sat there doing nothing! I guess the other baby had decided not to show up at all!

The parents got into a feeding frenzy as soon as the baby was born. They would constantly fly in and out bringing food. One of them would feed the baby while the other one would keep watch. Every morning I would watch them go about their business and listen to their song. For me, these were delightful moments. They just ignored my presence!

I wasn’t the only visitor. A common tailor bird used to come by often.

The common tailor birD visits
The little one is growing fast and is hungry all the time

Learning to fly

One morning, I didn’t find the baby in the nest. I thought it had learned how to fly and all of them had finally left. I was quite :(( but then that’s what little birds are supposed to do.

While I was saying bye and hoping to see them again, I heard familiar sounds. It wasn’t time to say goodbye, yet. I still had a few moments left with them :)). One of the parents was feeding the baby and teaching it to fly. What an amazing sight to see live.

Feeding and learning to fly

The parents seemed like any other – scolding, loving, pushing and teaching the baby to fly. The baby seemed like any child – fighting, rebelling and being bratty.

The rescue

While it was learning, the baby got caught in a wire mesh which holds the moss for the money plant. In trying to free itself, it ended up tangling itself and hung upside down on the mesh. By the time I came back with a pair of scissors the baby had started panicking. As I got within a few inches of the baby, the mother (father?) attacked! In a few seconds, she realized I was trying to help. She settled down two finger lengths away and watched me cut the wire mesh. Finally when it was untangled, I held the baby’s leg and gently pulled it out from the mesh. As I backed off, they sat in the pot and it seemed like the mother gave the baby quite an earful.

I went to the garden the next morning to look for them and I realized they were gone. Thanks for the beautiful memories little birdies. I hope you find your way back here again :)

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