Organization culture – a lesson from sports

When you ask a company what their culture is – do they draw a blank? Are they able to clearly say what it is? Will it help in deciding who they want to hire?

A recent chat reminded me of a theory I heard a long time ago. Think of an office where most people are corrupt. In all likelihood, a new person joining this company will become corrupt too. Because, unfortunately, that is the conduct which is most rewarded in the company.

Contrary to this, think of an office where most people are honest. A new person in this kind of environment will most likely take to honesty too.

It’s the same if you join a sports group. If most members in the group cheat and you don’t, it might influence you to cheat. Or if you choose not to, you might wear out and become disillusioned. Staying, perhaps, isn’t good for your growth in this case. While, if most members don’t cheat and you do, you won’t last long in the group. Or you’ll stop cheating – which is good for your long term growth.

Are you able to define what your ethic and culture is? Can you picture the environment you need for your growth? Do you know where you will fit in well? Should these be factors in deciding if you should join a new place?

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