21 days 21 memories. #2: Watering plants

Every day in the peak summer heat, I used to play tennis. My summer days were something like this – wake up, cycle to the tennis courts, play till my legs stopped moving. Then cycle back home around noon. Eat and sleep. In the evening, I would either cycle with friends or go and play tennis again. Play would end only after I couldn’t move any more!

The day wouldn’t end here. One of my tasks at home was to water the garden. This was the most amazing part of my day. By this time, I could barely move, but still be ready to water the plants. In peak summer months that time, water was in short supply. So, I had to optimize water usage. Those were also carefree days. So there were always these two voices. One telling me to save water and the other telling me just have fun. Invariably it was the have fun voice which would to win – and why not! It simply meant I would take the hose and go crazy. The smell of water on the mud is something I cherish to this day.

And made a mess…

By the end of the watering session, I would not only have watered the plants, but also made a royal mess! I would walk into the house dripping wet and with feet soaked in mud! My parents would show their usual fake anger everyday. They loved that I would take care of the garden and have fun while at it. The mess was a small price to pay.

Over a period of time, I stopped being as messy. But the love for watering plants continued. The look of freshly washed plants and the smell of water on mud is something I love to this day.

The love continues…

These days, while I’m living alone, I love watering mom’s terrace garden. I get to relive the childhood memories. That smell of water on mud, the beautiful freshly washed green leaves and the tiny flowers. This morning, when I finished, a pair of common tailor birds flew into the terrace garden. Their song is beautiful on any day, but today, it felt divine. Also, one of the plants said hi when I said hi this morning!

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