21 days 21 memories. #5: Birds from the window

For the last couple of days, a pair of Bulbuls have been making their nest in the terrace garden. I feel quite amazing to see them every morning. I also feel quite lucky to know that they’ve chosen our terrace to make their nest. These days, I’m being extra careful while watering the plants. This morning, one of them gave me little moment to cherish.

Bulbuls nesting in our terrace garden
Bulbul in our terrace garden

The few pictures that I clicked this morning took me back years ago. A little purple sun bird used to visit me every day. It really used to visit the bottle brush tree outside my window, but well… I’ll just say he used to come and say hi to me.

purple sunbird - home
purple sunbird – home

Today’s picture reminded me of those amazing times when I used to click birds and go for bird walks. All those birding times, helped me connect with nature and learn so much. I do hope I’ll get back to it some day. For now, I have this wonderful hard drive full of bird pictures which I’m going to go through and re-live those times.

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