Believing in a cause

I recently got an email on one of the lists I’m subscribed to with the following content

A Non-Profit organization based in India, with a branch in London, is in short term need of a Digital Marketer who can increase brand awareness by running campaigns and measuring results.
If you have the experience and willingness to work pro bono or know someone who does, please share contact details.

It raised a few questions in my head
1. They have a London office – which means they have funds or some resources using which they’re able to operate their London and India offices
2. Why don’t they want to pay for a person’s skills – which this person would have developed over a considerable time period?
3. If the person sending the mail believes in the cause, should he have contributed funds/ resources to this non-profit so that they can pay for the Digital Marketer.

Is this a general trend in the world? Not contributing our own resources (time/ money for free), but hoping or expecting someone else to do the same?

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