Dating – the men’s side

It seems I had a lot of clever ideas about this post while sitting on the toilet this morning. As soon as I’m in front of the computer, they seem to have disappeared. I’ll try to recount those. In any case, you know where the ideas are coming from.

All the following points should be 1.

  1. It’s not about getting into your pants… only. We love the thought, but it isn’t ONLY about that. A lot of us want a lot more – the companionship, friendship etc!
  2. Caring and stuff: Don’t judge us if we’re caring. We’re not losers, we can be caring too without being needy
  3. Are you even looking? What’s this deal of matching on a dating app and then not talking?
  4. What’s this deal of rejecting men who are “too perfect”? (You look younger than me, your earn more, you’ve done so much in life etc etc etc.) Throw your insecurities out of the window. If we like you, we like you. You like us, you like us. Let it flow
  5. We’re looking for conversations too. The 4 letter word ending with k meaning intercourse can be “talk” also
  6. Get your head out of the 7th heaven – toxic attitude attracts more of the same
  7. Have patience – some of us are in it for the long haul. A little patience and kindness will be nice
  8. Ask us out – we like that. We won’t bite… unless… you know… you like it
  9. We’re human too – stop looking at us as if we’re aliens
  10. Blowing hot and cold is not fun – behavior wise! At other places, it’s damn nice! Use it at the right place
  11. PMS is perfectly fine – just tell us it’s that time (some of us may not realize it). Also, Don’t kill us if we call your bad mood PMS . We didn’t mean it. We’re already sorry

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