There’s always something better

A better job, a better boss, a better car, a better house, a better partner. There will always be something better if we care to look around.

It’s easy to believe that something better is out there and it’s simple to find it. The tougher choice is to make the best of what we have. Our best work requires time, dedication and hard work. It needs the strength to handle disappointment and it needs an endless supply of energy. One of two things will happen if we decide to make that choice

  1. We’ll succeed and be proud of what we’ve built – our own self, our relationships, our work or anything we set out to change
  2. We’ll fail, learn from it and later look back and say – I gave it everything, some things are just not meant to be. When we move, we’ll know it wasn’t lack of effort that was the cause

Is it time yet to block out the noise and go be the best we can be? At least till we’re here.

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